We at Sumangal ventured into Information Technology seeing the ever increasing demand for information in the Textile sector. As the production capacities of the Indian Textile is increasing by the day, we felt the need to develop an IT solution for the Industry.

Our Software Solutions, TANABANA & PACKER is our first step towards our goal of getting IT to every Textile Industry

TANABANA Tanabana is a complete Factory Management System & Resource Planning for Weavers. It covers all the aspects of a Weaving Factory from Yarn Inward to Grey Dispatch, including minute intricacies of Warping, Beaming and Grey Production making Efficiency Analysis with a click of a button more>>
Resource Planning for Weaver   


Packer is a total solution for Process to Packing Inventory. It starts from where Tanabana ends and covers from Order Processing to Inventory control from Grey Dispatch to Process, Stock in Process to Lump Cutting and Final delivery more>>
Process to Packing Inventory
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